Auckland, New Zealand
The following are some stories of ghost in the Auckland area, on the North Island of New Zealand. When possible, I list the name and the date I received it, but to prevent spam, I no longer include email details and contact information for the story.
Some of The city's spookiest places
* Kingseat Hospital, Karaka, closed in July 1999. Many deaths were recorded at the hospital and more than 100 apparitions have been reported there.
* Waikumete Cemetery was opened in 1886. In Murderers Grove, 19 executed killers were buried with nothing but a tree as a marker.
* Ewelme Cottage, Parnell, is a colonial dwelling built circa 1863. It was used as a location for The Piano.
* Highwic Cottage in Epsom is one of New Zealand's finest timber Gothic houses. There have been sightings of a ghost in a bedroom.
* Kinder House, Parnell, was built in 1857 by the Rev John Kinder. The house is reportedly haunted by a black, shadowy figure said to be Kinder, or his brother.

Ghost (Kehua)

Maori place great ceremony with death, a body is returned to the family as soon as possible. The family are called on to a marae, a meeting house. Where they move as one. This is part of the tangihanga (funeral), called· whakawatea wairua. It removes sadness and clears the spirits -- whatever may have been left behind has to be sent on. The kehua (ghosts) and spirits are called to go to those who have already departed.

Everything has to be exorcised by a tohunga (holy person) with spraying of water and special karakia (prayer). If this is not done, the whanau (family) will be troubled; it can cause a great deal of stress and unhappiness. The spirits beyond the curtain of death may not be satisfied and might take someone else.

This has been known to happen.

The ceremony of the whakawatea wairua (personal cleansing) takes place, the clearing of the house. The whanau enter the house, the tohunga first. After the karanga from the doorway and a karanga in reply, the tohunga begins to takahi (bless) the house, spraying water around wherever the departed sat or walked. His/her clothes have already been buried with him. At the place where he died the mourners really start to tangi (cry) in a loud wail.

Te Rerenga Wairua (Cape Reinga)

The famous landmark of Te Rerenga Wairua sits at the tip of the Te Paki Recreational Reserves. A highly significant area to Maori, it marks the point from which Maori descendants travel in spirit form back to their traditional homeland of Hawaiiki- A-Nui.

The place of spiritual departure.


The Trike

I was searching for Ghost related sites, because of an experience that I had recently.

I was in Auckland's mission bay on a late Friday night with my friends and we were driving past a crossing and I noticed a small girl about 5 years old riding a tricycle on the side of the road I took a long look at her and asked my friends if they saw her and they had not.

What was weird about it was that it was past midnight on a cold evening and there was nobody to be seen on foot or in a car. We proceeded in turning around and had a search of the area and find no evidence of the little girl anywhere. At this stage I was a little confused and scared but what really scares me was from talking to people around the area I found out that a 6 year old girl on a tricycle was run over on the crossing exactly where I had previously sited her 6 years ago.

Jonathan Green

Totara Park, Auckland
 Noises in the forest

I got a location you can go to but I'll tell you what happened to me.

Me and four other mates went to camp for the night we got there around about 9.30 at night and set up our camp . When I was about 11 me and my scout group use to go swimming at this camp site and heard stories that the place was haunted.

Well 12 years later I'm with my mates telling them about the story that two young boys died there I don't know how because 12 years is a long time ago I forgot.

Later on about 3.oclock in the morning I woke up, I was the only one awake but I new to not move to much because I could sense something watching me but I had to move because I had a sore tooth and to grab my panadol pills.  Before I got up I could hear a growling noise it sounded like a choking noise it was a strong noise but I didn't take no notice of it because it happened when my other mates were up but still it was a weird sound it didn't sound like an animals growl.

When I went to grab my pills a whistling noise suddenly came out of the forest it got louder and louder I don't think any one would of walk through the forest just to scare us because it was that dark I couldn't see my hand properly. Then after a minute later it started to die out then it turned quite again. I was just lying there in shock keeping still I didn't want to wake my friends up because if they freaked out I would of to because it was a strange whistle. I told them when they woke up I couldn't stop talking about it, but that was not the only experience I had there.

Me and my friend James went to go get water from a tap that same morning I was telling him about what I heard that night he was freaking out to, as we were walking we came to deserted toilets but found no taps I had a funny feeling that someone was watching us from in the toilets as we walked away about 7 feet from the toilets the wall of the toilet started to pound three times kind of a loud banging noise my mate James turned to me in a freaked out look I looked at him as well in shock. I tell u now if u wanna hear some strange noises go to Totara Park Auckland.

Sent: Sunday, February 03, 2002 04:27 PM)


Auckland Domain

Park Road, Grafton, Auckland.

Auckland's oldest park. Green and expansive, with a Winter Garden and Fernery, formal gardens, duck ponds, memorials and sculptures; also home of the Auckland Memorial Museum.

On summer Sundays there are free open-air concerts. There is plenty of space (81 hectares) for a good walk.. There is a café in the ground floor of the museum and a store selling refreshments by the duck pond. From the inner city it is easy to get here on foot, by bus, car or taxi. There is parking in front of the museum.

The Domain hosts a number of sculptures.
A self guided walking tour in the Domain taking in the sculptures is available on request from the Information Desk in the Auckland Museum foyer.

Ghost At Fletcher Bay

This was about 8 or 9 years ago, Dad, my brother, 2 of my cousins, my uncle and I were on our annual fishing weekend at Fletcher Bay at the end of the Coromandel peninsula.

We had a campfire going, and us boys went for a wander down the beach at night, while my uncle and dad stayed back at the campfire. The 4 of us lay on the beach (which is all made of smooth pebbles) and looked at the stars, when I got the feeling someone was coming and looked back towards the camping ground, and saw a figure in the darkness, a blue/black shape coming towards us about 30 metres away. I assumed it was dad or my uncle, and said to the other guys that one of them was coming, and they all saw him then we went back to our conversation and star gazing.

After a moment or two, I realised I couldn't hear any footsteps, which are usually quite loud on the pebbles- and turned to look and there was no-one there. I said this to the others and we all freaked out and ran back to the campfire. There was nowhere this guy could have gone- he didn't come past us, was nowhere to be seen on our run back (it was a clear night with a full moon), couldn't have jumped in the sea obviously, and the beach is surrounded by massive, unclimable cliffs.

Over the years I wondered if I had made it all up, as I was about 10 or 11 at the time and my brother and cousins were about 13 or 14 Last year, when the four of us were together again I reminded them of the story. All of us remembered it, and were convinced we saw something.


Lion Rock Piha

I saw something which I can't explain I've never seen a ghost before so I can't really say what I saw was a ghost. I know I saw something and it wasn't human, nor can a human actually do what this "THING" was doing. It was something a couple of my family members and 2 others saw 2yrs ago on a boring Friday or Saturday night @ Piha Beach West of Auckland appearing out of Lions Rock (a big rock shaped like a lion - hence the name) None of us have heard of anything unusual happening or seen there by any others. Does a ghost have bright piercing eyes? Can a ghost be luminous? Can a ghost climb down a side of a rock fast like a spider?..

Greyghost have you heard of any sightings @ Lions Rock? or do you know of anyone that has experienced anything @ Lions Rock? The only story we know of about Lions Rock is that it is closed off to the public to climb as there have been quite a few suicides and drowning of people that jumped off Lions Rock several years back! Is what I saw coming out of the rock the ghost of one' that have died? It would be great if you could get back to me on anything that you know about LIONS ROCK! In the next couple of weeks I am definitely going back @ night with a video camera hoping I will see "IT" again.


(check out

Women finally appears

I don't know quite where to begin... I feel kinda weird writing this cos it makes it all the more real... but I don't know what else to do now. My parents bought a beach house in Pio shores a few years ago. The previous owner was my uncle. The house was newly built when he bought it. No one has ever died in the house. But someone is there. My cousins and I first got very odd feelings about the downstairs of the house a couple of years ago. Nothing major happened but we all just felt we weren't alone. Then one night one of my cousins saw a light in one of the downstairs rooms. We investigated it but there is no possible way it could have been a reflection or anything. The light had no light source.

Then months later me and a few others were asleep in the downstairs living room. One of the guys woke up and went upstairs to get a drink. He heard the dog barking. When he came downstairs he noticed the dog was looking into the house - directly into the living room - he was going crazy getting louder and louder. My friend went back upstairs and while up there he heard a womans voice tell the dog to calm down, the woman even used the dogs name. My friend thought it was me. But I was asleep. As was the only other female in the room. After this strange incident nothing happened for a while. Then I went to the house with my now ex boyfriend and the two of us were messing around doing tarot card readings. While we were upstairs the tv turned on downstairs. I went down and turned it off. Went back upstairs and heard it switch on again. This happened several times. When I went down one time I was sure I saw a woman in her 40's-50's standing in the corner. She wasn't looking at me but she was looking in my direction. I went upstairs again pretty quickly. The latest thing to have happened is that I went to the house with my current boyfriend and another couple. They slept downstairs in one of the bedrooms, we slept upstairs. I hadn't told them anything about the 'ghost' as I don't want people thinking I'm crazy. But the next morning the guy said his girlfriend had woken him up in the night cos she was screaming in absolute terror. She insisted someone was by the bed. Naturally he got my attention and when she came upstairs I asked her if it was a woman. She said yes. I then described a woman and asked if that's what she looked like. I knew I'd hit the mark when both her and him looked at me wide eyed and pale faced. He didn't believe in ghosts beforehand, but after I described the woman she'd seen he didn't know what to think - as she'd described the exact same thing to him in the night and I hadn't spoken to her on my own since then. It disturbs me a bit that this woman is appearing more and more...these occurrences are becoming more real. It's no longer just noise...

Am I going crazy? I want to find out what happened on the land our house is on. Because whoever this woman is, she's not happy.

(A cleansing was sent to Renata, I have not heard back from her) I can only assume that it helped.

The Whistlestop Ghost

The cafe, started life in the 1880's as a railway station at Waitakere, where it sat just across the road from the cemetery. It was moved to Glen Eden in 2002 where it has been restored and turned into a cafe. Alec first appeared in the cafe a week after it opened at it's new location.

It is believed that the ghost is Alec MacFarlane a porter at the station in 1924. Alec was tragically killed on the platform when a hook on a passing train hit him on the head, decapitating him.
Children have commented to the proprietor of the cafe of seeing a tall bearded figure wearing a grey trench coat standing outside on the platform. Other staff have commented on seeing the tall dark figure moving beside them or sensing him near them or just behind them. No one is worried by the presence, he appears to be just curious.

At one time, during the great flu pandemic bodies were kept in the old station temporarily whilst awaiting burial at the nearby cemetery.

Taniwha Stops Highway

taniwhaA Taniwha is a forest or water spirit or guardian. In their role as guardians, taniwha were vigilant to ensure that the people respected the restrictions imposed by tapu. They made certain that any violations of tapu were punished. Taniwha were especially dangerous to people from other tribes. There are many legends of battles with taniwha, both on land and at sea. Often these conflicts took place soon after the settlement of New Zealand, generally after a taniwha had attacked and eaten a person from a tribe that it had no connection with. Always, the humans manage to outwit and defeat the taniwha. When Hotu-puku, a taniwha of the Rotorua district, was finally killed, his stomach was cut open to reveal a number of bodies of men, women, and children, whole and still undigested, as well as various body parts. The taniwha had swallowed all that his victims had been carrying, for his stomach also contained weapons of various kinds, darts, greenstone ornaments, shark's teeth, flax clothing, and an assortment of fur and feather cloaks of the highest quality (Orbell 1998:149-150, Reed 1963:299). [4]

Work on Waikato expressway halted as Ngati Ngaho claims taniwha lurking; meeting being held with Transit
4 November 2002. IRN

20 December 2002
North Waikato hapu Ngati Naho has agreed with Transit New Zealand on preserving the lair of a taniwha.
In November construction work on State Highway 1 was halted for a week over concerns raised by the hapu who said it was encroaching on the taniwha Karutahi's lair.
Yesterday Transit regional project manager Chris Allen said the company would put in rock fill to preserve 90 per cent of the site. The change adds $15,000-$20,000 to the project.


Road works stopped by the belief the home of a taniwha would be disrupted are to restart after authorities and local Maori agreed on a way of protecting the mythical creature's lair.
Transit New Zealand was forced to stop work in November on a 100-metre section of State Highway One (SH1) in the Waikato after Ngati Naho, a tapu of the Tainui iwi, complained the new road went straight over the swamp home of Karu Tahi, the one-eyed taniwha.
Ngati Naho believe Kahu Tahi's lair is a small area about 1km south of the Meremere power station beside SH1, surrounded by a grove of protected kahikatea trees, lush grass and raucous cicadas - and right in the middle of the new Meremere expressway.
Transit regional project manager Chris Allen said a 30-metre rock fill would be built next to the swamp "lair," creating a steeper than originally planned embankment along the edge of the new northbound lanes.
Had the embankment not been steepened, it would have occupied more of the swampland believed to house the taniwha.
Drainage would also be redirected to ensure water is not unnecessarily drained from the swampland, where Ngati Naho say the taniwha lives for six months of the year. They say it has a second home in the Waikato River.
Mr Allen said the change in plans, which would cost an extra $15,000 to $20,000, allows the expressway to continue without any impact on the four lanes or motorist safety.
No payments or compensation had been made to Ngati Naho.
"This solution may cost a little more but as a result was are able to preserve a site which has both environmental and cultural value," said Mr Allen.
Ngati Naho spokesman Rima Herbert said he was pleased with the outcome of the discussions which finished late last year.
"This is a significant cultural site for us and we have got Transit to agree to a modification to their design, which preserves most of the site."
Mr Allen said work would hopefully start on the Meremere site sometime in the first half of this year.


Answered Prayers

Jay Laga'aia (AKEA Sen Const Tommy Tavita on Water Rats, and smart lawyer in "Street Legal") was leading 10 high-school students from Avondale College in West Auckland on a seven-hour bush walk from their camp site in Tongariro National Park to a hut 548m up Mt Ruapehu in 1992. When caught in driving rain and freezing cold, they lost their bearings.

After six hours . . . says Jay, "I happened to look up to a ridge, and I saw my father (who died in 1983) standing there. I blinked and he was gone. He was a big Polynesian chief who wore a red lava lava, Which is like a wraparound sarong. I climbed up on the ridge and found a red tag off a backpacker's bag. And as I reached out to pick it up, I looked over the edge and about 50m down was the hut. My prayers were answered."

©Who 1996

House in Onehunga

Hi Greyghost, my name is mark and here is my story...

My story began two years ago when my father bought his new house in Onehunga, and there were about six wild cats living under and around it. After a few months some of the cats got braver and started to come inside when we left the door open, and a few months after that, they were more or less our tame little pets. But then, a stray, though looking well fed, wandered into our house, and would not leave. Dad named him Art. It was only a few months later that my loved Art took a glancing blow from a car to his head. I had not seen it, but dad told me. It had not been enough to kill him straight away, and he must have had minutes of agony before he passed away.
After someone passes away, and you keep thinking you see them everywhere? Well that happened to me a lot, but one time, I was sure I had seen Art. He was in the parking lot, across the road and one house to the right. It was about 6:00, and I had just gone out side and I saw Art. He was standing side on to me, and looking like he was stalking something. I called to him, and his ears went flat against his head, and he looked really scared. He took off, ran to a fence about two meters away, but the fence was at an angle so I could not see where he went. All this time Art had looked totally solid. And this is where my story ends...

Sent: Saturday, December 13, 2003 7:04 AM

Tirohia Mystery

Just wanted to share our nights experience with you. We live in Tirohia which is situated in-between Paeroa & Te Aroha. Four of us went out hunting tonight for rabbits spotlighting on the back of our ute. It had been a rather uneventful hunting trip only shooting three rabbits until we decided to go up the local Quarry Which is on a large hill. We were driving up. I was on the back of the ute with our exchange student staying with us at the moment from America. We had just driven up and around a large hole in the ground About 60 meters deep when something caught my eye a mist type object shot from behind a large rock and went round the large man made hole probably traveling over 100km/hr.

I thought I was just seeing things but our exchange student said did you see that? We discussed it a little and then just discarded it, but however we did speculate a little about the creepy nature of the object and the fact that on top of the quarry are three Tapu graves about 200meters away from where we were and to where the mist like object was heading. I know that local Maori give these graves a lot of respect as do we but some of the Maori employees of the quarry over the years have refused to go near them. They were recently fenced off to distinguish them from the rest of the paddock as there are no headstones and all that is apparent is three rock rings.

Anyway continuing with our story, we continued driving up the hill to the back of the quarry which backs onto a few hundred acres of native bush, now rumor has it that there are burial caves situated within the bush somewhere although I've never actually talked to anyone that has ever come across them, I was in the middle of explaining this to our exchange student and shining our light over the native bush when another very strong light seemed to sweep over the trees and disappear. The light was about as strong as a searchlight from a helicopter and was very focused it was as if it was shining down on the trees from only a couple of meters above them and swept an area of about 50meters before disappearing. We both froze and the exchange student said 'shit what the hell was that' We discussed it for a little longer with my brother and his friend who were in the front cab at the time and didn't see it and we decided to call it a night.

This is the first time I have ever experienced this light on the hill but I've heard a lot about it from other residents in the area some who have claimed to have watched it for several minutes and have reported making a strange sound. I have heard many people talking about it over the last ten years and most don't actually know each other.

Please get back to me with your comments and anyone else that knows anything about it.

John & Julie Bubb
Sent: Monday, October 06, 2003 8:31 PM

The Old house

It was a few years ago now, when I was a Nanny living in Auckland. I was with a lovely mother and her son, the father was on business overseas. The house we were renting was a beautiful old brick character home with a lot of history. Apparently the house was build by George Courts, the man who owned the George Courts chain of department stores, before what we know today as Farmers.

One peaceful afternoon in this house in Ellerslie, the mother called me to give a second opinion with her son. He was having his afternoon sleep and she was concerned at his breathing. She said it was loud and raspy, (for a two year old that's not a good sign). Anyway I layed down on the bed next to him to listen, and I couldn't hear a thing coming from him: but what I did hear was the most spine chilling sound I have ever heard. It was a very dry deep grating breath that was getting louder the longer we sat in the room. Up until this point I had never really believed in the spirit world, but after this day, I have no doubt these exist.

The mother was crying at this point, and the room was getting colder, I don't know why I did it, but I sat there and calmly, but nervously said "whoever you are please don't hurt us" and with that the breathing stopped and the room was warm again.

We moved out a week later.


Spooky House in Orakei, Auckland

One evening, me and a group of my friends were staying at my friends house for a sleepover. We spent the evening watching movies, then started talking about things and the conversation moved to ghosts and things.

The friend whose house we were staying at mentioned this abandoned house down the road from her, so we got some candles together and decided to go check it out. We had to walk up a hill to reach the house and once we stepped inside, we felt really, really cold, which was strange because it was a warm, still summers evening. We started looking around the house, it was really run down-the doors had been ripped away, windows were broken and there was an old dusty fireplace that had a dark stain in front of it on the wooden floor. Suddenly, I had this feeling that I can only describe as purely evil come near me and I went ice-cold. I asked the other girls if they could feel the presence that I was feeling and they all agreed.

As we decided to get out of there, all our candles went out. We ran out of the house but felt like we were being chased. We ran as fast as we could but all the way down the hill we could feel this evil, dark presence coming after us, it was so scary. We were all very freaked out! It was weird because whenever you walked past that house, even on a sunny day, t was always in shadow and there were no trees around it. The house has since been knocked down and a new house has been built in its place-I wouldn't want to live there!


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